Accounting Software Consulting Services

Is your accounting software doing everything you need?

We have the expertise to custom create accounting software solutions.

  • Design custom add-on solutions and integration to QuickBooks
  • Provide selection, implementation, upgrades, training, and support of QuickBooks and many other popular accounting packages

Thomas Mangold is an AICPA Certified Information Technology Professional, a unique credential designed specifically for the CPAs who have a wide range of documented IT competency.  Lisa Sretenovic, CPA brings a depth of IT experience and works closely with clients throughout the process of design, development, implementation and customized training to ensure the objectives are met.

See a few examples of available solutions we have designed and developed.

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QuickBooks Cloud Hosting

The Mangold Group offers a hosting service of QuickBooks on a data server with the highest security.  A key benefit of remotely accessing QuickBooks is the ability to log on to your QuickBooks database from any remote location.  With our fully managed dedicated QuickBooks Cloud Hosting you will be hassle free from any PC related problems because it is run via a web browser using Citrix Web interface and Windows Remote Desktop.  There is no need to install or maintain any version of QuickBooks on any of your local computers.

Additional benefits are:

  • The remote technology solves the problem multiple users needing to access their QuickBooks from different computers at multiple locations of office, home, and travel.
  • The hosted QuickBooks allows for efficiency in The Mangold Group staff serving its clients.  By working in the same QuickBooks file, we eliminate sending backup files back and forth or the accountant travelling to the client’s site. The Mangold Group remotely serves clients across the country.
  • Datacenter provides higher levels of security and fewer Internet connection issues than medium size businesses otherwise have.
  • Data recovery – The files are automatically backed up twice a day. When a client’s computer or QuickBooks file is damaged or lost, The Mangold Group can send a full backup of the QuickBooks file to the business owner.
  • Massive financial outlays for continued computer hardware upgrades are avoided.


DeRosa Mangold Consulting, Inc.derosa-mangold-consulting-logo

Sage Software Authorized Business Partner
Sage 100 ERP Authorized Reseller
Solutions for the Corporate Backoffice, Manufacturing, Distribution, Service, Field Service, Customer Service

DeRosa Mangold Consulting provides accounting, ERP, and CRM information solutions for Manufacturers, Distributors, Field Service, Chain Store, and Chain Restaurant operations. Specializing in JobOps, Sage 100 ERP (formerly Sage MAS 90 ERP and Sage MAS 200 ERP), and Sage CRM training, DeRosa Mangold Consulting can offer you a fully integrated enterprise wide information system that is easily learned and easily managed. Our offices and training centers are located in Austin, Bakersfield, Dallas, Ft. Worth, Houston, New York, San Antonio and Waco and provide accounting software solutions to small and medium sized businesses throughout Texas, New York and California.

Over 50% of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) implementations have been said to fail in the United States based on several popular surveys. DeRosa Mangold Consulting ensures your success by partnering with you to design an efficient workflow, provide world-class training and stand by you throughout the implementation and go-live of your new system to make sure your objectives are met, processes are running smoothly and information is properly flowing. www.derosamangold.com

If you are a currently a user of any of the above products and are in need of support or upgrades, please click here to contact Mike DeRosa for assistance with these products.